Our Lego that saves costs of our clients

SSC Slovakia, Ltd is a culmination of over 40 years worth of operations and IT experience, embodied in its founders & partners. We have decided to combine our unique skills and abilities to create the best possible cost-reducing services in Central Europe. We offer energy management optimization, operations optimization, agregated demand and implementation of energy dispatching from our office in Nitra.  The unique combination of our experiences, including management positions in Customer Care, Sales, IT, Utilities and Consulting, has allowed us to create a singular and original approach to the synergized services. We start every project from scratch, employing the golden rule that every process is subject to overall strategy, while every IT solution is subservient to the process it supports. We balance the synergies between people, processes and systems to achieve the best possible quality in the shortest amount of time and for the cheapest possible price tag. Some of our references are listed and explained here. More about the two of us here.