Energy Management

Energy Management Services

We will take over your energy management agenda that is not your core business. However, it is an important part of your operations and your costs. With our expertise, combined with automation and tailor-made IT solutions, we can decrease your energy costs and increase your effectiveness. Below is a brief description how. Please Contact us for more information.

The Main Barriers Against Efficient Energy Management?

•Unintelligible structure of tariffs and pricing at the energy suppliers
•Disadvantageous position in negotiating with energy suppliers
•Insufficient time and resources to analyze and implement the efficient new solutions in energy management
•Unbelievable amount of regulations and legal obligations

It`s All About The People

In SSC Slovakia, we have gathered the most competent and qualified people in energy management in Slovakia. We take care of them and they take care of your energy agenda. On time, with savings. No excuses.

Energy Management In-House

*You take care of all your supplier contracts, their conditions, invoices and amendments
*You check and monitor all your equipment and all its revisions, upgrades, repairs and replacements
*You choose your energy suppliers based on your own consumption
*You monitor and evaluate your settings for consumption, circuit breakers, reserved capacity, etc.
*You hire external experts for highly qualified work (revisions, installs, etc.) and overpay for small contracts
*You pay your internal energy management team regardless if they`re on vacation, at the doctor or on a smoking break

Energy Management by SSC Slovakia

*We take care of your complete energy contract agenda, including invoices and all changes, monitoring it for correctness, fairness and value
*We maintain all your equipment as required by the regulations and legal framework
*We pool consumption of all our clients to get the best possible price for them – and we manage the supplier
*We constantly analyse and evaluate the performance of all your energy solutions – and we suggest improvements
*We have a network of expert suppliers with low costs
*We bill you only for the work really done