Energy Management

Enabled by our unique combination of skills and experiences, we offer tailor-made energy management services that can save upwards of 10% of utilities costs for our clients.  More about Energy Management

Operations Optimization

In current hiring market in Czechia and Slovakia it is more important than ever to responsibly manage company`s operational expenses and decrease its dependence on human labor, which is getting more expensive and less available. With our experience in this field, through client-specific solutions in processes, systems, automation and people management, we can offer OPEX & FTE savings at about 15-20% to our customers.. More About Operations Optimization

Energy Dispatching

Energy dispatching is a fundamental tool for managing the energy consumption and cost. It can be tailored to measure, aggregate, evaluate and forecast data connected to energy input and output, and even to manage the consumption. No matter what type of energy - electricity, gas, water or anything else, our dispatching solution can handle it. More about Energy Dispatching