Operations Optimization

Operations Optimization Services

Competent Optimization means that we evaluate your operation, its strategy, people, processes and systems, and through our own unique blend of process management, IT innovation and HR magic, we make them simpler. Quicker. Cheaper. More valuable. Basically, we optimize them to fit your business model better. Therefore, you`re not outsourcing an activity, but a process of optimizing it: whether you keep the activity itself is entirely up to you.

Efficiency In Business Requires:

•Prioritizing what you`re good at – and what adds value to you and your customers
•Finding effective ways of dealing with activities that are necessary, time-consuming and unrewarding
•Always improving every little thing to achieve the best possible performance

The Main Barriers Against Sustainable Results?

•High turnover of staff decreases qualifications and skills available
•Constant training of new employees increases cost of operations
•The ever-increasing demands of employees for benefits and employee-services mean swelling HR administration, reflected in increasing admin costs
•An average employee will only work for 198 days out of 250 workdays in a given year. They will be productive for about 5 hours out of their 8 hour workday
•Resistance against changes slows innovations and decreases the ability of company to react to developments on the market

Optimization Done In-House

*People responsible for operational results are looking for issues within their operational results
*You`re using your existing IT systems and processes to implement solutions
*You`re coordinating a difficult cooperation of different departments while implementing the solutions
*After a successful implementation, you move on to the next project - because you must
*The results of optimizations are evaluated annually with the KPIs
*You`re paying your internal team on smoke breaks, holidays, sick days, etc.

Optimization From SSC Slovakia

*We`ll take an expert, independent look at your operations and we will suggest the best possible solution for you, including the process upgrades and IT systems
*We will ensure your IT systems are always subject to processes, not other way around
*We will take lead in the optimization project, its implementation and following maintenance
*During the maintenance, we will evaluate the results monthly and continuously adjust the performance
*We`ll only bill you for the services really provided