Energy Dispatching

Energy Dispatching - Our Little LEGO

Energy cost is inevitable for all companies – from the smallest self-employed individual to the multinational conglomerate of factories with thousands of production lines. This cost is, at last, effectively manageable. And that`s exactly what the energy dispatching is for.

Without being able to identify the exact reasons, time, volume and location of energy consumed, we would never be able to manage it. On the first level, the energy dispatching can provide the information listed above. On the second level, it can work with the info: evaluate it, plan based on past results and on the highest level provide the management itself. All we need is a grid of sensors, data connection and a handy piece of Slovak software

This product is also called „our little LEGO“, because:

- We tailor it to the individual specs of every customer

- It allows a massive amount of combinations, permutations and settings

- It can be phased in based on specific instructions from customer

- As part of „building it“, we consult every step of the way with the customer, based on our expert knowledge, to ensure that benefit can be reaped right after implementation